• The face of the business according to world trend is changing. Hitherto, one needed to move cargo from one end to the other with different kinds of documentation which spans from the road, rail, sea, air and sometimes, road again. This demands a lot of effort from several quarters to be successful.
  • Now, we are able to issue one combined bill of lading to cover the entire transaction, thereby, making the supply chain easier.
  • We do this in such professional manner, so that the client does not need to worry about his/her cargo but to relax in wait of the cargo. It is our joy to say that we really have what it takes to facilitate the smooth movement of your cargo (qualified personnel, equipment and resources).
  • To be able to swiftly undertake this business with ease, we have employed a very renowned UK trained consultant who gives our staff all the necessary advise that is needed.
  • This is one aspect of the Freight forwarding business that most people prefer to call Clearing Agent. Whichever way one may look at it or choose to call it, we accept it but the important thing is the quality of business we render to you.
  • In the face of current influx of people and companies into the Freight Forwarding business, there is the need to distinguish ourselves from among the rest. This is where our quality of service is brought to bear and unequalled by any of our competitors in the industry.
  • This business involves lots of technicalities and formalities that does not allow the importer or the Exporter to just walk to the Ghana Customs with his cargo and get the job done.
  • We, as qualified International Freight Forwarders, have the requisite requirements to transact business on behalf of our clients and this we do with expertise and to the satisfaction of all we come in contact with, as far as the business is concerned.
  • Based on this premise, we invite you to use us always as we are ready to do business with you.
  • TWe at Multiliner Shipping Services Limited Limited (MSSL) believe that A Freight forwarder is the architect of Transport and the entire supply chain.
  • The world is moving very fast and trade among nations is unavoidable but bridging the gap between the various transport modes has been a problem and this is what MSSL stands to provide.
  • This is why we have experts who provide timely and adequate service on the supply chain. We also advise on possible places (Countries) where a particular commodity could be obtained at a better cost. In most cases, we weigh the risks involved in the Mode of Transport and advice accordingly, using our vast network of partner offices across the world.
  • Our expertise at the Sea leg and the Air Leg also make us a leading name in the Marine Consultancy Industry.
  • Our past dealings has also accorded us with the opportunity of knowing the procedure with the National Communications Authority (NCA) when it comes to Clearance of Communication Equipment from the Ports.
  • We also do CUSTOMS BROKERAGE, which is popularly known as Clearing and Forwarding. With this, we have gained a lot of experience because our office has delivered very good and professional service to several importers. We are proud to state that our expertise in Exports is also Unequalled.

It is a great feeling to inform our clients that we currently operate a very large warehouse in Ghana and which has the capacity to contain a very large size of cargo.

The warehouse has all the required loading and off-loading equipment e.g. forklifts, hand Trollers, etc. which aid the fast and effective loading and off-loading of cargo in the warehouse.

The warehouse can boast of storing and distributing very large shipments of Telecommunications equipment and series of other commodities.

  • We have succeeded in creating a network of international representation in different parts of the world with a special focus on the world market centers like the U.S.A, China, Hong Kong, Spain, U.K, Dubai and a host of other countries. This has given us the opportunity to be able to move cargo from one point to the other with ease. Based on this, we are able to move cargo on Ex-works basis (from manufacturers’ warehouse) to the home, warehouse or designated point of the consignee.
  • We find this job most exciting because whilst we use our expertise to display our worth, the consignee sleeps in the comfort of his home in wait of his cargo. We sigh with fulfillment each time we deliver promptly to our clients with our door-to-door services.
  • Because the pick up begins with us and the delivery is also done by us, our rate and charges are always low to the admiration of our clients.
  • We have proven to be one of the best Transporters at the various ports. This is because, since we came into operation, we have never failed in any of our haulage ventures.
  • We are proud to state that in 2005, we were able to successfully move 800 tonnes of Cocoa to the various Ports. We also handled part of the haulage for Shell Ghana Limited, Milicom Ghana Limited (Leadcom Ghana Limited) and Ghana Telecom (One Touch) which we did with excellence.
  • Our Fleet is made up of 8 X 40footer Trucks, 6 X 20footer Trucks and 3 X 207 Cargo busses. These aside, we also have 6 (Six) 4 X 4 Mitsubishi Pajeros, 2 BMW Salon and 2 Mercedes Salon Cars for our executive hiring services. Kindly note that all these are rented and not Owned by Multiliner Shipping Services Limited.
  • During Peak seasons if we exhaust our fleet, our partnership with other GIFF members enables us to use their fleet as is allowed by GIFF (Ghana Institute of Freight Forwarders).

This is why we believe that we are able to handle whatever quantity of Load that may be assigned to us.

All our Drivers are first class and we are also proud to state that as of this time, we have not registered a single Vehicular breakdown, which indicates the strength of our vehicles. Our fleet has a very regular Maintenance Schedule. It is therefore very rare to find any of our fleet breaking down mid way. This gives us the confidence that we do the right thing that leads us to deliver satisfactory service to our Customers at all times.

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